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What to Expect: EXACT DUPLICATION® Wigs

IMPORTANT NOTE: If at all possible please have ready for us:  Your start date, drugs, and the treatment schedule.  This will be most helpful so that we can schedule all appointments in a timely fashion so as to be ready when hair loss occurs.

1st. ”Consultation”   (About 1 hour) - At this appointment we:

  • Evaluate your needs
  • Design wig
  • Take measurements
  • Match hair samples
  • Take photos (for office use only)

2nd. ”Color Check.”   (About  1/2  hour) - This appointment will occur before you experience any hair loss.

  • Review all lengths and style
  • You approve the wig color
  • Review the schedule and confirm next appointment

3rd. ”Cut-In”  (2-3 hours needed) - The client typically has 3 dates to choose from. These dates are determined by your treatment schedule which coincides with the timing of hair loss.

  • Remove the client’s remaining hair if client desires
  • Fitting your wig
  • Finishing the cut and style
  • Instructing you on how to place on and style
  • You are now ready to face he world looking like yourself

4th. ”Re-Check” ( 1/2  to 1 hour)

  • Make adjustments to style, cut and density (if needed)
  • Review instructions
  • Making sure you are 100% satisfied

NOTE: A kit is included with the purchase of your EXACT DUPLICATION®   that has everything you need. It includes: a brush, pick, sleep cap, a wig stand or styrofoam block.  It also includes a folder with special instructions for the care of your wig and additional information.

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