Raydiance's Ready Wear Sleep In ~ "Sleep In Piece"

This product is ideal for the busy woman on the go who takes pride in her appearance, visits the salon weekly for her hair to be perfect, but whose hair is starting to thin all over.

This uniquely designed hair piece allows us to comb your own hair through the open weaves of the Raydiance’s Ready Wear “Sleep in Piece” and to blend it with your own hair! 

It allows you the freedom of waking up with a great hair day everyday and continuing to live your active lifestyle!
Ready Wear Sleep In Piece

What to expect when you purchase your Raydiance Ready Wear “Sleep in Piece”

Your designer will pick out the perfect piece for you, no worrying about what style you think you should wear! It will look just like you!  The Raydiance Ready Wear “Sleep in Piece” will be cut and styled to match your preferred hair style and be fitted to your unique head shape.

Two “Sleep in Piece’s” must be ordered at the same time to insure we always have one serviced for you and ready for your next visit! 

These pieces last up to 1 full year with proper care and maintenance!  We take care of the servicing of the hair pieces for you! No need to stress out on how to maintain them.  We will see you once a week or twice a month for a Wash and Set appointment, and to place the Raydiance Ready Wear “Sleep in Piece” back on you!

This incredible product averages $1000-$1500. That’s 2 full hair pieces for under $2000, that you can sleep in and maintain your current lifestyle.

Wash and Set appointments are only $65.  This includes washing, drying, curling your hair, and the placement of the hair piece on you in about an hour. It also includes getting the second hair piece ready for your next appointment.

Call today and mention the “Sleep in Piece” for a free consultation and a free gift!

Call (248) 855-8845 or Contact Us online today to set up your free and private consultation.

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