EXACT DUPLICATION® Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better- human hair or synthetic?

We are asked this question a lot.  They are both great.  Human hair gives you the natural feel and flow.  Synthetic fiber gives you longevity and durability.  When you meet with one of our trained professionals, they will discuss with you what will work best for your current hair, texture and lifestyle.

How much does my hair grow per month?

On an average hair growth is approx ¼ – ½ inch per month or 6 inches per year. Obviously, this depends on each individual.

Will I be able to see any samples?

We are a “custom” hair replacement company.  We do have a very limited amount of samples to show you, so you can see what they feel like and how they are constructed.

How much does an  EXACT DUPLICATION®  Wig cost, and how long will it last?

The cost of all of our products depend on your own unique situation, including: size of base, length of hair, density, amount of colors, and other details.  Our custom hairpieces last for up to an impressive 4 years!  Our pricing starts at $4500 to $6500 for the EXACT DUPLICATION® wig, with an average price of $5,500.  Although we do not offer payment plans, the estimated cost over the lifetime over four years is only around $100/month! 

How long can I expect to be wearing the  EXACT DUPLICATION® Wig?

From the time that you receive your EXACT DUPLICATION® wig until approximately six months after your LAST Chemo treatment.  At this point, you will have some growth, usually enough for a pixie type style.

How much care and maintenance is needed with my  EXACT DUPLICATION®  wig?

For our new clients, for the first six weeks  from the date of delivery of the hair piece, you will receive any tweaking needed and washings in that time frame- all included in the price.   Which means, if your EXACT DUPLICATION® Wig needs more hair added, or taken away, or more highlights/lowlights, trimming, anything we can do to ensure perfection for you, it will be included for those three months, plus the cleaning, disinfecting, and restyling of the piece- all at no additional charge.

After the six week  period, we recommend you bring it to us once a month for cleaning, conditioning, and restyling. This gives us a good opportunity to continue to inspect, review, and make sure you are still 100% happy with your EXACT DUPLICATION®   Wig. 

Will I be able to handle it or with it on my own? 

Yes, we will go over the steps on how to place the piece on, and how to handle it, and make sure that you practiced it in our office with us watching you to make sure that you understand it.

What are the fees after the first six weeks?

A standard Cleaning and Restyling is $80, and takes about an hour to complete.  This service, as well as all of our other services, is done by an appointment only. 

How quickly can you make my  EXACT DUPLICATION® wig?

Ideally, we would like for you to make a consultation appointment before your first chemo appointment. It does take us two to six weeks to complete this process; however in certain situations it can be ready for you sooner.   Sometimes with our Chemotherapy clients, they have an urgency that we need to attend to right away.  We never let them go without hair, so we turn those around quickly.

Can I wash it at home?

We don’t recommend that you do, however we will give you instructions on how to care for it at home if you chose. It has to be treated like a garment that you would dry clean only. One of the many services that we provide is taking care of the piece for you, as mentioned above. For those that live further away, we will give you a class on how to care for it as well. 

What if I don’t lose my hair?

Most ladies are told by their doctors that they will thin usually to the point needing a wig. The average woman undergoing chemotherapy treatment will, depending on the chemo drug lose about 70% of her hair.

Can my own / daughter’s / friend’s hair be used to make my  EXACT DUPLICATION®  wig?

No, because the cuticle is still on the hair, which will cause it to mat and break. We do make a product called the Halo, which is worn with a hat or scarf which we can use other people’s human hair with. But this is not an EXACT DUPLICATION® wig.

I color my hair, when is the best time to come in to have my color matched?

The sooner the better. However, our trained professionals will be able to still color match you and make your hair perfect. If you would like, you can always bring in a photo of yourself when you had great color and style.

Will I need more than one  EXACT DUPLICATION® Wig?

It’s not a necessity, but some women choose to have a second wig made, or choose our  Halo  option.

Once I have made my decision to have a custom hairpiece made for me how long will it take to be completed?

The time it takes to complete each hairpiece varies depending on the type of hairpiece selected and our clinent’s individual needs.

What should I do if I am not happy with my custom  EXACT DUPLICATION®  hairpiece?

We offer a six week “tweaking time”, for all our clients, at no cost to you to work out any issues you may be having.   Anything that is custom made requires that fine tuning (tweaking) time.  We stand behind our work!

What about Insurance / Reimbursement Information?

For reimbursement from your insurance company you should get a prescription from your doctor that states your need for a cranial prosthesis due to Chemo Therapy, Radiation, etc. We will provide you with a letter stating why you received the prosthesis, how much you paid, and the date you received it with a paid invoice. When you receive your piece, make three copies of all your information. Send  one copy to your insurance company, keep one on hand for you at all times. If they reject your claim, try to resend it. We have heard that sending it three times seems to be the charm!

You may also claim your prosthesis on your tax return at the end of the year.

You may also donate your EXACT DUPLICATION®  Wig to a certified wig bank, and get a receipt for the full write off amount. 

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