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When will my hair fall out?

If your treatment schedule is every 2 weeks it should fall out sometime between days 13-15. After your first treatment, you should start experiencing some shedding. If you are on a 3 week schedule of treatments your hair should begin to fall out closer to days 19-21.  

What will it feel like when my hair gets ready to fall out?

Many clients have told us that there is a sensation that they will feel on their scalp. They describe it as “a kind of sensitivity”. We often hear “My hair hurts”. Others say it feels like they have had a tight ponytail in all day long.

How soon should I start looking for a wig? 

ASAP! we cannot stress this enough. If you want to have a custom wig made, we need to see you right away.... while you still have hair, This is because we cannot make a wig that looks identical to you and have it ready before your hair fallout begins. Custom wigs, on average, take 3-4 weeks to create. See our expert consultant before your first chemo treatment!  

Will I lose my eyebrows or eyelashes?

It all depends on how many chemotherapy treatments you will be having. The more treatments you have, the more likely you are to have thinning or total loss of your eyebrows and eyelashes. However, eyebrows and eyelashes are typically the last to go and first to grow back. 

If I shave my head will I break out with pimples? 

If you shave your own head you may break out with pimples. Professional Shaving will not cause pimples. However, there is such a thing called “chemo pimples” or folliculitis. This is a reaction your scalp can have due to the chemo medications typically involving Actinomycin D. It is probably more coincidental that the chemo pimples start after the shaving process. With that being said, lots of people get pimples without shaving their heads or cutting their hair short. 

Will the wig cause me to break out?

Wigs are not made out of materials that cause allergies or allergic reactions, especially 100% lace hand tied wigs. 

If I do get pimples, what will make the pimples go away?

Oral and topical antibiotics should help alleviate pimples. We have also heard from our clients that Benadryl Cream can also ease this problem. 

How long will I be wearing my wig?  

For a medium length style most of our clients are in the wigs for 1 ½ years and sometimes longer. This depends on the length they are trying to achieve with their hair or what they previously had. 

How fast will my hair grow back?

The averages person’s hair grows ¼-½ inch per month. So hair typically grows somewhere between 3-5 inches within 12 months. 

What will my hair be like when it grows back?

Everyone’s hair is different. The hair that grows back at first is typically still very medicated. This means that it’s usually baby fine, frizzy, and has an odd color to it. Your hair should grow back and look more normal within about one year.

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