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Our mission at Raydiance For Women, located in West Bloomfield Michigan, is to improve the quality of life of those we serve. We do this by producing the highest quality hair replacement products, custom-made for each client, with a caring and healing touch in an environment that is understanding and supportive.

Our Company Raydiance/Tru-Fit International, Inc. is a family owned and operated hair replacement company.  For over 50 years we have proudly specialized in helping clients maintain their quality of life despite hair loss. Our clients include both women and men.

 Lisa is the Owner of Raydiance for Women.  She has owned and operated this family company for over 20 years! Lisa is our foremost designer, the hands on tech, the driving force behind the company.  

Lisa handles all the  design, creating, styling and fine tuning.  She is the person that will take your piece to the next level and finish it perfectly!


 Tony, Lisa’s brother, has been with the Company for an impressive 35 years!  Tony is in charge of the Men’s division and he lends his expertise to the Women’s division as well.  Tony takes great pride in his work.  He is a true craftsman and artist and his work is of the highest quality. 

Tony’s knowledge and skill are invaluable to our company.  We believe there is nothing Tony cannot do when he sets his mind to it.


 Father of our family and Founder of Raydiance/Tru-fit International, Inc.  Ray began his hair replacement career in 1962. 

Since that time Ray has worked tirelessly to grow our company into one of the finest most trusted and respected hair replacement companies in the country. 

Ray is the inventor of the RAYDIANCE® Hair Piece.  It continues to be one of our best sellers.


Heather:  Lisa’s daughter, represents the 3rd  generation in the family hair replacement business.  Heather is very likely to be the first person you meet with when you come to see us. 

Heather handles all of our company’s consultations and she is Lisa’s “right hand” lady.  Heather has years of  experience in consulting with clients.  She will help you to feel at ease by listening to and understanding your needs and by guiding you through your hair replacement journey.  Heather will ensure that your needs are understood and met for years to come.

Sheila:  Sheila has been with us since 2007! She has recently been promoted to be our “Work Room Manager”! Sheila handles all of the new orders and scheduling of those important appointments. 

She is in charge of employee work assignments and keeps us busy throughout the day. Sheila loves her new “bossy” role and it fits her and us perfectly! 

She has been with us so long that we consider her one of the family.

 Gina:  Gina has been a hair designer for over 12 years, and has made a seamless transition into our hair replacement business. She has been with us since 2012, and we couldn't be happier with her!

Her humor, charm and warm smile will make you feel like you've known her for years!

Samantha: Samantha is Tony’s right hand lady! She is truly a blessing from above! She is a true natural artist. She loves intricate detailed work, which is exactly why she is perfect for all of the crochet work needed here. 

She ventilates, makes excellent repairs, and creates molds of client’s heads and pretty much does anything else that requires a fine touch and creative eye.
Joy: Joy is another one of our very talented stylists. Joy specializes in cutting, density and volume.

She will most likely be the lady you meet at the cutting in of your new wig or hairpiece, as well as washing and styling appointments. 

Joy pays great attention to detail and always leaves our clients extremely confident that they look just like themselves! Joy is a “Joy” to have on board our team.
Rachel: Rachel, like Heather, also represents the 3rd generation in this family owned and run business.
Rachel is a born natural in this industry as well! 

She is multi talented in many ways. Rachel is one of our
“back room” ladies and she excels at everything she puts her hands on.
Claudia: Claudia is our wonderful new Receptionist! She will most likely be the pleasant voice you hear when you call our office to schedule appointments! 

She has a wonderful background in customer service and our clients are loving her already!

We are passionate about helping clients who are experiencing medical and genetically related hair loss.  Our experienced staff is prepared to give the support and the information that is needed to help clients transition seamlessly through their hair loss, hair replacement and hair re-growth journey.

Satisfied clients tell us our designs are so natural and look so much like their own hair that even their oncologist didn’t realize they had lost their hair!

Raydiance for Women is a full service hair replacement salon with private rooms and a caring supportive atmosphere.  Designing and manufacturing is done in our office so we have the ability to customize your hair piece to accurately match your hair color, style and density.  As the manufacturer, we are able to hand craft the most natural looking highest quality hair pieces in the least amount of time.

Call (248) 855-8845 or Contact Us online today to set up your free and private consultation.

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