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Thinning Hair? Want To Look Yourself Again?
Trust Our Expertise HERE in Michigan that you WON'T FIND anywhere else! 



 We design for you an EXACT DUPLICATION® wig or hair piece- our experts are simply the BEST in the nation- we guarantee you WILL NOT FIND this attention to detail anywhere else! 

  • Thinning hair? Want to look like yourself again?
  • Are you tired of going to your stylist and having her struggle with your fine thin hair? 
  • Are you still looking to retain your active lifestyle, but ready to make the move with alternative hair?
  • Are you tired of using fibers and spray to paint your scalp to make your hair look fuller and scalp less shiny? 
  • Would you like to be in family photos again so that you treasure those moments forever and feel confident? 
Are you ready to look good everyday? When only the best will do....Restore your signature look with us!
  • Over 50+ years experience, and the best reputation for quality and perfection! 
  • 100% completely private and discrete - a private room/setting so that no one can stare at you.
  • Every single hair piece is 100% custom made, for you and only you. 
  • We are located in Michigan, and WORTH traveling to, when you deserve only the best!

 Imagine having a wig made just for you that exactly matches the unique variations in your hair color. A wig specifically designed for your unique hair style and density. Imagine that you can have the precise cut you currently have.  And it's such a smooth transition, you can continue living your everyday life! 

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