RAYDIANCE® Halo For Women

A RAYDIANCE® Halo is very much what it sounds like.  It is a hand-crafted "Halo" made with your own hair attached to it.  First, we carefully and strategically shave your hair before complete fallout and we save it.  Then we make a Halo or band, like a head band, to fit your head's shape.  

We then take your hair that we saved and attach it to the Halo so that you have your very own hair back again.  It is miraculous yet simple and it works!  The Raydiance Halo must be worn with a hat, sleep cap, & scarves!  It is primarily for women who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Who would wear a RAYDIANCE® Halo?

  • Ages 15 to 100+
  • If you are dealing with Alopecia or thinning hair.
  • If you are facing the possibility of losing your hair due to chemotherapy or other full hair loss treatments.
  • If you've already lost your hair, we can still make a halo with other human hair we have available.  We will still match your color, cut, style and density.

    A RAYDIANCE® Halo is an exceptionally unique concept and product that is rare in the world of hair replacement.  It is amazing to be able to use your own hair!

    One of the most often heard compliments about this hair piece is the fact that you can sleep in it.  You can be casual in it, workout, swim, do yoga, go bike riding, and you can take care of it yourself!  Wash it, style it, do everything you normally would to your own hair!

    Just like all of our other Raydiance hair pieces, this will be fitted just for you!  With the polyurethane base, it will feel extremely comfortable and cool on those hot summer nights!

    A RAYDIANCE® Halo Cap will increase your confidence by being able to wear your own hair again.

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