Introducing The Luvette®

As you know, we are always researching, experimenting, and investing in the newest, latest and greatest innovative hair loss solutions! We have now created a new product that you can actually sleep in!  

Introducing The Luvette®

We are offering our Luvette® hair piece at a discounted rate for a limited time! The discounted price on the Luvette® is $3,500.00! 
  • The Luvette® can also last approx 3-4 years, which is similar to our other products! 
  • It can be made faster, and only takes about 4 weeks to complete! 
  • The Luvette® hair pieces are a wonderful blend of Human Hair and HD fiber (heat friendly too), to give you the most natural looking hair, with the style lasting 4-6 weeks!
  • The Luvette® is lightweight, with a light density for an extremely natural appearance! 
Napeless Nouveau
We have had nothing but compliments and extremely happy clients with our new Luvette® hair pieces. Especially our clients that used to wear the Raydiance (pull thru piece), and have now have transitioned into the Luvette

We’ve heard things like, “Why did I wait so long?”, and “This is the best I’ve looked in years!”, "I’m having a great hair day, everyday!”, “It’s so easy to put on and so natural looking!”, and “I no longer have to paint/spray my scalp, and it stays on so well!”.

We really think this product would work well for you, and we're very excited for you to see it! Please call our office and set up a free consultation today!

Call (248) 855-8845 or Contact Us online today to set up your free and private consultation.

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