Sherri's Story

Meet Sherri Cynowa. Sherri is a self-employed RE/MAX Realtor. In her letter to us Sherri writes, “I have participated in relay for life and created bras for Bras for a Cause. I am happy that in some small way I helped raise money for cancer awareness and for the hope of finding a cure. Now it’s my journey.” 

 In 2013 Sherri weathered some very difficult personal struggles well before she found out she had breast cancer. At the start of 2014 it looked like things in her life were turning around and looking promising.

Sherri writes… “The real estate market was beginning to boom again. I was enjoying hanging out with friends, family and friend Brian. My annual pap and breast exam went text book but when my doctor order my mammogram I procrastinated, something that is not in my nature to do. By July I didn’t feel like myself and was very fatigued. I thought it was because I was working so hard. At the end of July I purchased some new bras. They became very uncomfortable and I went back to my old bras which by the end of day were just as uncomfortable. On August 8th, I conducted my self-exam and to my surprise I found a lump in my right breast. It was at the 6 o’clock position and very easy to feel. Suddenly I thought what if I had not purchased the new bras would I have completely missed this?”

On Friday August 22nd Sherri went to Huron Valley Sinai Center for Women to have her mammogram done. What she thought would be routine with the radiologist telling her she had another cyst turned into a much more serious situation. The ultra sound revealed a 1.3 to 1.6 cm tumor. Sherri agreed to have a biopsy because the tumor had the appearance of being malignant.

On August 25th, Sherri received a call from Dr. Miller (her Gynecologist) and heard the four words no woman ever wants to hear. “You have Breast Cancer”. Dr. Miller explained that she had invasive ductal breast cancer. Later Sherri learned that she had Triple Negative invasive ductal carcinoma. This meant that she was not hormone receptive so after her surgery she would require chemotherapy and radiation.

On September 25th they removed the tumor, 3 lymph nodes were taken out and Sherri’s margins were clear! At this time her chemo port was put in place.  It was in early October Sherri learned that due to the side effects of the chemo drugs she was being given she would lose her hair. She wrote, “My worst fear was confirmed. I will lose my hair and just when it started looking good.”  Throughout Sherri’s journey she has had a positive attitude and a wonderful support system. 

 Sherri concludes her letter by saying…“Since the beginning of my journey I have been told that I am an inspiration, I’m the strongest woman they know, a bad ass, if anyone can kick cancers ass it’s you. Funny what people see in you!  I have found the strength, courage and hope that I will win! Facing this with a positive attitude and humor has been my best medicine! I refuse to be a victim or to ask why me. Self-pity will only let cancer win. But most of all the incredible support of family, friends, co-workers, Huron Valley Staff/Doctors, cancer survivors and those fighting the battle along side of me, this is what makes me get up every morning to prove that I will survive and I will WIN!!!!!”

After reviewing the letters we received our Raydiance for Women team were pleased to select Sherri as our October 2013 “We’re Hair for You” contest winner.

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