Client Testimonials

Our Client Testimonials

"I just want to thank the whole team for the treatment I received at Raydiance. I was never treated as a client but as a person/friend. I really didn't care what my piece cost, since no one ever knew I was wearing a wig. It was difficult being bald, from chemo, but the staff always saw me as a person. I can't thank the staff enough for all you did for me for the past years. I am currently in remission, my own hair has grown back, and I will miss everyone more than you will ever know." - KS 

"Dear Lisa, I just wanted to give you and all the staff at Raydiance my sincerest thanks. You made a difficult situation anything but difficult. I felt valued and respected; encouraged and celebrated. And most importantly, I felt beautiful. My wig was such an important part of me feeling good while going through treatment for cancer. Thank you for being part of this journey for me. You are all amazingly talented, but most of all, you are all great people. With gratitude." - KD

“Raydiance is MAGIC, a true art form! Thank you for making me feel so whole and absolutely beautiful again! I love my wig!! The staff is so amazing, compassionate. understanding, knowledgeable and loving much like a family. Thank you for changing my life! Much appreciation and gratitude for your service!!!” ~ Kelly G.

“My expectations were high because I had been told that Raydiance  did excellent personal styling. Raydiance  met my high expectations.” ~Cynthia S.

“I had heard about you from my beautician and from the nurses at my oncologists’ office. I asked if there was a patient whose wig looked natural and they all agreed that  Raydiance  was the place to go.” ~Doreen H.

“Your willingness to work with and please me really kept my spirits up. You made me feel comfortable.” ~Sandy M.

“The  Raydiance  team understood what I was going through. Your office was a true sanctuary for me.” ~Patti B.

“Actually my wig looked better than my natural hair.” ~Jane D.

“The wig allowed me to go out in public and still feel attractive.” ~Marilyn K.

“Everyone compliments me on my new hairdo! Most people don’t know I’m wearing a wig.” ~Patti B.

“Friends and family have commented on the completely natural color and appearance of my wig.” ~Janice S.

“Our son-in-law didn’t even realize the difference from my own hair and my mom thinks my treatment didn’t give me hair loss – That made me feel good, so my sisters and I never let her know I was wearing a wig.” ~Barb N.

“One person asked me if I had a total makeover!” ~Joyce D.

“People can’t tell I am a cancer patient. I look like me – and that helps me feel more like me.” ~Sandi P.

“Truly an amazing experience.  Heart felt sincerity from all staff members.  Reassuring and accommodating to style, color and schedules.  Individuals never aware of wearing something other than my natural hair-a truly heart felt thank you to all through the last 14 months.  Husband approved. Family amazed at the naturalness of my hair.  You are in the hands and hearts of true artisans.” ~Kathy H.

“Being diagnosed with cancer is daunting—the unknown a frightening journey. Losing one’s hair a reality that reminds even when you’re feeling well…that you aren’t. Raydiance was recommended by my hair stylist. I will always be grateful to him. The kindness and expertise by the Raydiance staff is exceptional. My hair piece was created to exactly, match in color and style my natural hair. Wearing a wig or not is personal and individual choice. For me returning to my normal appearance was reassurance that I was still me. I resumed work and play with a confident, positive and healing attitude. I have worn my wig for six months. It is beautiful, comfortable and easy to maintain. Raydiance receives my highest recommendation. I will eternally be thankful for experiencing the artistry and compassion of the Raydiance staff.”   ~Betty C.

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