NOUVEAU What To Expect

What to Expect: NOUVEAU®

The  NOUVEAU®  is a 3/4 hair piece design that attaches in just minutes and blends flawlessly into your own hair. The NOUVEAU® is designed for people who have hair loss by the hairline or crown or anywhere in between and is an easy way to add extra volume and length to your existing hair.

What You Can Expect:

1st. “Consultation” (About 1 hour). At this appointment we:

  • Evaluate your needs
  • Design
  • Take measurements
  • Match hair samples
  • Take photos (for office use only)

2nd. ”Color Check.” (About  1 / 2  hour)

  • Review all lengths and style
  • You approve of your NOUVEAU® colors
  • Review the schedule and confirm next appointment

3rd. ”Cut-In” (1-2 hours needed)

  • Fitting your NOUVEAU®
  • Finishing the cut and style
  • Instructing you on how to place on and style
  • You are now ready to face the world looking like a fabulous you

4th. ”Re-Check” ( 1 / 2  to 1 hour)

  • Make adjustments to style, cut and density (if needed)
  • Review instructions
  • Making sure you are 100% satisfied

NOTE: A kit is included with the purchase of your  NOUVEAU®that has everything you need. It includes: a brush, pick, and Styrofoam block.  It also includes a folder with special instructions for the care of your NOUVEAU® and additional information.

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